Picture of Mike StillmanWelcome to VoxByMike.com, the online home for Mike Stillman’s voice-overs (a/k/a voiceover, vocal talent, voice acting).  I offer a clear, precise, and pleasant voice that can range from casual to authoritative.  I also do select character voices and accents.

I draw upon a diverse background that includes such occupations as: instructor in medical terminology, biology, and psychology; neuroscientist; medical writer/editor; and performing singer.

Advantages of working with me include:

  • Minimal prep time:  I know the pronunciation–and meaning–of many technical terms, especially in the biomedical sciences and IT.
  • Takes direction well:  It’s not about me; it’s about you and your product.
  • Inter-departmental expertise:  Experience working with marketing and others to describe features and benefits successfully.
  • Good project management skills:  Before recording, we will have already discussed your product or service, the goals of this project/campaign, and its intended audience.
  • Voice-over training:  Despite years of experience as a singer and lecturer, I waited until I completed several levels of in-person voice-over training before offering my services to the public.
  • Editorial help (if desired):  Didn’t bring your copywriter to the booth?  Use my editor’s eye so that your message is clear.
  • Flexibility:  I can record at your location, a full-service studio, or in my home studio.  Thus, I can nearly always accommodate those pesky RUSH jobs!
  • Professionalism:  I take great pride in finishing on time, on budget, and in exceeding your expectations.